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Besides discovering how much he loves cooking-most importantly, he finally has his own thoughts about his future and can discuss it with his parents. I'm proud of him, and extremely happy at such a young age, he can uncovered his true passion.


Knowing I have over 15 years of service industry experiences, it gave him more confident to learn English so one day he can study abroad at the world's best culinary schools!



With the fire within him to succeed, the encouragement and open-mindedness of his parents, Teddy would be able to find success in the Culinary field.To him, that was already a life victory.


From the educational system, this handbook unfortunately was designed for below academic level students. With that perspective, most students already felt defeated!



In the Western educational system, the non-academic options were required starting Junior high schools with also 2-4 foreign languages to choose from.


Though the handbook did its best to offer equal future in all fields, but sadly, that's not truly how the system is set up. The academic fields (such as medical,law, engineering, etc.) are still weighted as more significant than the other.


As someone who knows the significance of having a second language, I hope the system can encourage the importance of English learning. That way in the future, students in all fields will have the option to study abroad in either a school system or a company system. We as a community can assist that dream!


Through Teddy, we can all feel the power of love and support means so much to anyone who's been told they can't!


There's a recent article going viral, a letter written by a Singapore principal to the parents, that reminded the parents the mid-term exams don't equal nor determine the fate of their child's future!



Let's learn from the message of this letter, and help make a difference in the Taiwan educational system.