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With the Dragonboat festival holiday coming up, the question on everyone's mind is.......Where should we go for fun?!


Fun opportunities here in Taiwan may seem limited. If financial concerns are on your mind, there are usually a few main places to go. But that also entails long traveling time due to traffic, with everyone ending up in the same jam-packed destinations.


What if there's a solution? A really simple one?

I owe my traveling bug to both my mom and dad! Growing up, we went all over the place, as soon as my dad was free from his business schedule.

When I say everywhere, I mean it - we would be off exploring new places in nature and a whole lot of outdoor fun. We would go fishing, camping, hiking, and basically do EVERYTHING as long as it wasn't INSIDE. My mom, being an easy-going person, definitely make all these trips possible. The four of us, in our big, bright, yellow, banana-float with the hatchback (where my brother and I slept), made our mark at all the special places that dad had found. On every trip, music was always blasting on the cassette player - with mom singing along with us!

Even when we weren't traveling, dad kept things interesting. I vividly remember how dad would often invite Mormon missionaries working in Taiwan to come to our home as guests. Back then, dad would speak English with them while mom prepared delicious snacks.


During their visits, they would always show slides of beautiful scenic views of America, and compare it to heaven. Dad would always think back to those days when he travelled in the States, when he saw these pictures.


Besides making new friends and speaking English, his other purpose was to let both my brother and I know that there's a big world out there waiting for us to learn from and explore! Foreign was NEVER FOREIGN in my family!

Looking back at those days now, in the late 70's, I couldn't be more grateful for what my parents showed my brother and me - how precious and important quality time with family is! In our modern world, it seems a quick fix would be the mall, the amusement park, basically anywhere that is already planned.

What I loved the most was build-up in my imagination and the anticipation of not knowing where we were going to be. Every trip was better than we expected because we weren't following the norm.


So maybe for this 4-day long weekend, plan something close by, something that doesn't require a lot of expensive traveling. Better yet, plan a bike trip with the family and go have an adventure!